Trading Weather

The essential toolkit for the energy trading industry

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New AI Forecast Model

  • Fast! Bringing unparalleled speed giving early insights
  • Accurate. Highly skilled forecasts
  • Global. Full global model coverage
  • 15 day operational and ensemble runs across key product offerings

Weather Training for Energy Traders

  • Learn fundamentals of meteorology specific to the energy trading from the industry experts
  • 5 courses, 7 hours of content
  • Access anytime
  • Great for those new to trading or those wanting to refresh their understanding

MetDesk BLO-NAO Plots

  • BLO-NAO is a measure of the large scale atmospheric forecast
  • Quickly illustrates the likelihood and location of a blocking high or a low pressure system, whereby each quadrant of the plot represents a pressure pattern across the North Atlantic & Europe
  • A useful tool for meteorologists and weather-savvy traders

MetDesk Country Weighted Graphs

  • Over 100 country and regional forecasts globally
  • Fastest delivery: seconds faster than WSI Trader, StormVista and Eikon
  • Forecast models include ECMWF, GFS, UKMO, EC46 and more
  • Forecast data available via API
  • Historic forecasts & observations available on demand

MetDesk Maps

  • MetDesk Trading Weather hosts hundreds of meteorological forecast maps; from intraday to months ahead
  • Gives the user better spatial awareness of the bigger picture
  • Models includes ECMWF, GFS, UKMO, GEM, DWD, EC46 and more!
  • GLOBAL visibility
  • Output includes hourly forecasts, average daily, 5 & 7 day forecasts, model comparison, forecast of the forecast, teleconnections and so much more!

MetDesk Country Power Generation Forecasts

  • The most accurate wind & solar power generation forecasts available in the market
  • Used by over 100 trading desks
  • 7 models including the highly sought after proprietary MetDesk model